UAE Embassy Attestation you can be assured of three things- Authenticity, Quality, and Quickness

United Aram Emirates or UAE is a non-member of the Hague Convention. Hence all documents that will be used in UAE need proper authentication or attestation by a recognized authority. The first process of attesting the documents is to get it authenticated from the home state or from the place from where it is issued. Then it is attested by the ministry of external affairs and finally by the UAE embassy before it is being used in any of the UAE regions. Numerous kinds of documents are attested every day for different purposes. For example, there are the educational documents, the non-educational documents and the secondary documents. The main reasons as to why document attestation in UAE is required are the following:

  • To get an employment visa
  • For higher education
  • To get family residence visa
  • To get work visa, and
  • To get an admission in the schools of UAE.

Here it must be noted that there are various process to attest the documents in UAE embassy. However, the process of attestation solely depends on the nature of the documents and the purpose of attestation. Generally, there are three stages of attestation in case of UAE and in some cases further attestation of the documents may be required. However, there is no reason to worry as with assistance from a reputed agency, one can stay away from the hassles involved in the process of attestation.

In order to avail authentic, quality and quick attestation of documents from the UAE embassy attestation one should opt for agencies which are authorized by the UAE Embassy. It is important to get in touch with an authorized agency because with other smaller agencies, the safety of your documents is at stake. There are some agencies who work as per their commitment. They adhere strictly to the timelines. You as a candidate just have to get in touch with such an agency and they will do the rest as they have an all-encompassing service. The best thing about such companies is that they offer genuine attestation services at very competitive rates when compared with the market rates.

Nevertheless, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind if you are looking at authenticity, quality and timeliness. They are the following:

You need to make sure that the company has a good tracking facility. With the help of which you should be able to track your documents real-time and can have idea as in how much time will it take for the whole process to be completed?

It is important that you select a company that has a good track record in terms of delivery time. This is because these are very crucial documents and you cannot wait for them endlessly. Thus, you ought to choose a company that has a faster turnaround time.

It is necessary that you opt for a company that has the necessary licenses for completing the job. In case, the company does not have the requisite licenses any sort of verification carried out by them will not be considered valid.

Last but not the least, finalize on a company that guarantees you of the fact that no harm will happen to your documents.

Our Certificate Attestation service includes attestation of Birth Certificate

The process of certificate attestation services is a system of verifying the originality of the documents. It also involves confirming its originality by endorsing it with the signature of verified personnel. The main objective of attesting documents is that they can be furnished as legal documents whenever required and none can talk about its authenticity. In fact, the process of certificate attestation in itself is a process that points the originality of the documents beyond doubt. During the process of certificate attestation the Xerox copies of the documents along with the original documents are produced before a concerned authority who after carefully checking the originality of the documents testifies them at the designated place with his signature and official seal.

The attestation of certificates can be classified into three different categories depending on their use. They are the following:

  • Attestation of educational certificates: It includes attestation of various degree certificates starting from the secondary level till higher degrees.
  • Attestation of non-educational certificates: It includes attestation services of birth, marriage, death, divorce certificates, transfer, affidavit and many others.
  • Attestation of Secondary Documents: It involves attestation of passport, photograph, selection letter, transcripts, and marks lists and so on.

It needs to be noted here that the attestation of birth certificates are important documents which needs to be attested on a frequent basis for numerous purposes. It requires authentication from a verified personnel during different stages of one’s life.

For instance, when someone plans to admit their kids to school in a foreign country, the attestation of birth certificate becomes a mandatory affair. There are other instances as well where the attestation of birth certificates becomes a mandatory affair. However, depending on the country of origin, the attestation process of birth certificate differs from one another. The main objective of attesting the birth certificate is to signify the genuinty of the date of birth of an individual.

Generally, the first step of birth certificate attestation involve attesting the document in the state from where it was issued, then by the ministry of external affairs and finally by the embassy of the country where the child is seeking admission. It might sound a complex process but in reality with the help of an experienced and trustworthy agency one need not undergo the hassles of getting the birth certificate attested. It gets done by the agency that has been appointed for the task.

To attest the birth certificates there are certain documents which should be produced before the concerned authorities without fail. They are the original birth certificate, the copy of the passport, the visa copy, around 2 or more photographs, and an authorization letter. If all the documents required are in place, there is no reason to worry about the attestation of birth certificates.

The only thing that one should keep in mind is to get in touch with a reputable agency who have quite a few years of experience in attesting different kind of certificates including the birth certificate. Last but not the least, all agreements with the agency should be a written document for easy reference later on.

Ministry of External Affairs Attestation

The process of attestation by the Ministry of External Affairs of the Government of India can be done on all certificates issued by the Indian government. However, when a document gets attested by the Ministry of External Affairs it is important that its gets authenticated by the regional authorities. It needs to be noted here that the Ministry of External Affairs is the apex body that has the sole authority to issue apostille authentication for all the documents issued in India. However, with effect from March 1, 2012, the attestation and apostille work of the Ministry of External Affairs Attestation has been outsourced. As a result of this, no document is directly accepted from individuals by the Ministry of External Affairs. On the contrary, documents are submitted directly to the outsourced companies along with the photocopies of the document and a copy of the passport of the individual.

Once a particular document has been authenticated by the particular state or the Union territory it can go to the Ministry of External Affairs for further validation. The main objective of attesting the documents or certificates by the Ministry of External Affairs is to make the documents usable in various institutions within the Indian sub-continent and also in foreign countries. As all kinds of documents can be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs, there are particular processes depending on the kind of document and its purpose.

The different kinds of documents which are attested by the Ministry of External Affairs include the following:

The Non-Educational Documents: Documents like the birth certificate, marriage certificates, affidavits, licenses, death certificates, and others fall under the category of non-educational documents. When such certificates requires attestation by the Ministry of External Affairs, they first have to be authenticated by the issuing State or the Union Territory. The authentication needs to be done with the name, designation seal along with the seal of the department.

Educational Documents: All educational documents should first be attested by the State Education Department of the issuing State or the Union Territory. Educational documents include all documents that are testimony of passing examinations at different levels. In case of educational documents also require the name, the designation and the seal of the concerned department.

Commercial Documents: All commercial documents that require authentication from the Ministry of External Affairs Attestation should be first validated by the respective Chambers of Commerce. The rubber stamp of the respective Chamber of Commerce must be affixed on each of the documents along with the name and the designation of the authorized signatory.

However, last but not the least, as the attestation process by the Ministry of External Affairs has been outsourced it is important that we choose an agency that has a good track record and commits to deadline. One can take references from friends and family to find out a trustworthy agency. Whenever you finalize on a particular agency make sure that you have all agreements in a written format. This is important to avoid all sorts of confusion at a later stage.

Document Clearance is a specialized area which requires knowledge and know how

Document clearance is an important step in the important and export trade of a country and at the same time it is a specialized area that requires adequate expertise and knowledge. As far as the definition of document clearance is concerned, it means documented permission to imported goods so that they can enter the country or to exported goods so that they can leave the country. Along with material goods document clearance also involves clearance of documents of individuals so that they can be issued in a foreign country. Document clearance of individual typically means attestation of all such documents which have been issued by the Indian government and will be used in a foreign country. For example, if you want to continue with higher academic pursuits in a country of your choice, you will have to authenticate all previous educational documents which have been issued by the Indian government.

There are different categories of document that require clearance before they are used in a foreign country. For instance, there are the:

Non-educational documents which include birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, affidavits, and others.

Educational certificates include all educational certificates that have been issued by various educational institutes based out of India.

Lastly, the commercial documents include all business related documents that may be required to carry out a business in a foreign land.

Different methods of attestation or document clearance are followed depending on the type and the purpose of the document. For example, the documents which are to be used in a foreign country needs attestation from recognized bodies from the originating State. Once that is completed, the document goes to the Ministry of External Affairs where it gets authenticated and finally the documents are validated by the Embassy of the country where the documents will be used.

It needs to be noted here that for all kinds of document clearance activities it is mandatory to submit the original copies of the document against which the photocopies will be validated. Along with that a copy of the passport and A4 sized photographs are required. When all these documents are in place the process of authentication or clearance should happen seamlessly.

However, going through the above steps an individual might feel that attestation or document clearance is a cumbersome process and it requires a lot of time, but that is not the reality. This is because in recent times, there are several authorized agencies where applicants can submit their documents without any worry and the entire process of attestation will be carried out without the candidate having to run from pillar to post.

It needs to be mentioned here the choice of the agency for the document clearance process should be done with care. Only agencies which have a good track record and have proven their ability and knowledge in the document clearance process in a comparatively lesser time should be preferred over the ones which have a new set up. Before finalizing on an agency, it is a good practice to consider the opinion of friends, family or colleagues.

Attestation from UAE Govt. Department & Ministries

All documents which are issued by the Government of India like the birth certificates, the death certificates, marriage certificates, educational certificates, salary certificates and others must be attested by a recognized authority before they can be used in the UAE. To accomplish this, the documents need to undergo a chain of attestation process in which the documents will be affixed by numerous authorities at various stages. For the documents to be used in UAE it is mandatory that the copy of the passport is produced along with the photocopies of the document and an A4 size photograph of the individual. It is important to keep in mind that for all kinds of attestation, it is pertinent to produce the original documents along with the photocopies.

The steps that are involved in the attestation of documents for use in the UAE includes the following:

As the first step, all original documents needs to be submitted irrespective of the kind of document you want to be attested. Always keep in mind that no photocopies of the document are accepted.

The second step involves getting the documents authenticated by the State Home Department, the State Education Department and then by the Ministry of External Affairs. It needs to be mentioned here that some documents submitted to the local government require Arabic translation. For example, the driving license. It is important that the applicants gets these documents translated by an official translation agency approved by the UAE government before they approach the RTA or the concerned UAE agency.

As a final step, the documents will have to be authenticated by the UAE Embassy so that they can be used in UAE without any difficulty.

However, going through all these if you have started feeling that it is a process full of hassles, then you are wrong. This is because, nowadays individuals need not take the trouble from running from pillar to post to get their documents attested. The job has been outsourced to various agencies who meticulously carry out the entire process of attestation. You as an applicant will just have to tell them the kind of documents on which you require attestation and the timeline within which you would want the attestation process to be completed. In case, you are in a hurry to get your documents authenticated you should get in touch with an agency which is known to have a quick turnaround time.

It is recommended that you should not trust any agency that comes your way. Rather, it is important to verify it well from friends, family or google reviews. Moreover, as an applicant you should feel confident and satisfied after you have spoken to them. When you select an agency, they should be in a position to commit to you that nothing will happen to your documents and every piece will be returned safely. Such a kind of commitment is important because all documents that require attestation are highly important ones and cannot be parted with. The agency should also have a good tracking facility so that you are able to track the progress of your document.