All documents which are issued by the Government of India like the birth certificates, the death certificates, marriage certificates, educational certificates, salary certificates and others must be attested by a recognized authority before they can be used in the UAE. To accomplish this, the documents need to undergo a chain of attestation process in which the documents will be affixed by numerous authorities at various stages. For the documents to be used in UAE it is mandatory that the copy of the passport is produced along with the photocopies of the document and an A4 size photograph of the individual. It is important to keep in mind that for all kinds of attestation, it is pertinent to produce the original documents along with the photocopies.

The steps that are involved in the attestation of documents for use in the UAE includes the following:

As the first step, all original documents needs to be submitted irrespective of the kind of document you want to be attested. Always keep in mind that no photocopies of the document are accepted.

The second step involves getting the documents authenticated by the State Home Department, the State Education Department and then by the Ministry of External Affairs. It needs to be mentioned here that some documents submitted to the local government require Arabic translation. For example, the driving license. It is important that the applicants gets these documents translated by an official translation agency approved by the UAE government before they approach the RTA or the concerned UAE agency.

As a final step, the documents will have to be authenticated by the UAE Embassy so that they can be used in UAE without any difficulty.

However, going through all these if you have started feeling that it is a process full of hassles, then you are wrong. This is because, nowadays individuals need not take the trouble from running from pillar to post to get their documents attested. The job has been outsourced to various agencies who meticulously carry out the entire process of attestation. You as an applicant will just have to tell them the kind of documents on which you require attestation and the timeline within which you would want the attestation process to be completed. In case, you are in a hurry to get your documents authenticated you should get in touch with an agency which is known to have a quick turnaround time.

It is recommended that you should not trust any agency that comes your way. Rather, it is important to verify it well from friends, family or google reviews. Moreover, as an applicant you should feel confident and satisfied after you have spoken to them. When you select an agency, they should be in a position to commit to you that nothing will happen to your documents and every piece will be returned safely. Such a kind of commitment is important because all documents that require attestation are highly important ones and cannot be parted with. The agency should also have a good tracking facility so that you are able to track the progress of your document.

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