Have you got a really great job offer from a reputed company in UAE and you are thinking of moving to this new country along with your family? Then stop for a while and take a stock of the documents that you will have to attest to avail the great job opportunity that has come your way. Along with the documents that you would require for joining your new job, you will also have to authenticate your marriage certificate for moving to UAE along with your family. Marriage certificate attestation for UAE is important to prove the authenticity of your marriage.

When it comes to attesting the marriage certificate, the first step that is involved is attestation of the document in the country where the marriage was solemnized and then attestation is required in the country in which you are seeking your family visa. You must keep in mind that without proper attestation you will not be able to get family visa for one’s family to stay in the UAE. However, marriage certificate attestation for UAE becomes necessary when you are applying for a family visa and an individual can apply for a family visa in UAE only when they have a certain level of income. This is to ensure that the individual will be able to take good care of the family.

In case of marriage certificate attestation, HRD attestation is not required in India. In fact, authenticating marriage certificates are easier than attesting the other kinds of documents. Nevertheless, it needs to be mentioned here that along with adequate salary, the designation of the individual is also checked when they are applying for a family visa. It is true that the process of marriage certificate attestation involves lesser complexity but even then it can be quite cumbersome for individuals to get the necessary documents ready within a stipulated time. It is then that the role of agencies which help people in the attestation process becomes important. It is due to the many agencies that have come up people need not run from pillar to post to get the documents attested. The agencies will do everything that is necessary in lieu of some fee. But, the most important aspect is to choose the right kind of service provider for marriage certificate attestation for UAE.

It can get quite difficult to choose among the many agencies an agency that offers a trustworthy service. It is recommended that adequate research is done before finalizing on a particular service provider. Internet can be a good source to find out about a particular service provider. You can check out their reviews to have a fair idea. At the same time, you can also get information from your friends and family. This could be the best source of gathering information because your friends and family will tell you more about an agency from their personal experience. Last but not the least, it is recommended that you take a written guarantee from a service provider that they will take care of all your documents when you are opting for marriage certificate attestation for UAE.

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